Repair vs. Replace

Tough Decision

Making the decision whether to fix or replace your broken home appliance is quite tough. You should consider a couple of factors not to regret later. First of all, it is your device’s age. The second, surely, is its energy efficiency. Then you need to compare repair costs with prices for a new one. And don’t forget about delivery and installation costs.

If your broken appliance is pretty old and – to be honest – not very efficient… Well, be respectful, let it rest in peace. However, pretty often kitchen or laundry appliances malfunction take you by surprise, making your decision much harder. Our appliance repair experts drew up a guide that will help you solve the dilemma.

Before Panic

Broken fridge or washing machine is very frustrating and can easily throw you off balance. When any appliance stops working, please, double-check the following:

  • the device is plugged in;
  • circuit breakers haven’t tripped;
  • vents/ filters aren’t clogged (with dust or lint);
  • the flooring is still flat.

Under Warranty

Ok, you’ve double-checked everything and your home appliance is definitely broken. Anyways, no panic! Check if the appliance’s warranty is still valid. You need to find your owner’s manual or records to do this. If it’s still covered, contact the manufacturer or the shop to schedule a service call.

A young woman opening broken fridge.

Lifespan Matters

The older your broken kitchen or laundry appliance is, the more inappropriate its repair is. Here are the average lifespans of the most popular appliances:

  • dishwasher – 9 years;
  • dryer – 13 years;
  • freezer – 11 years;
  • microwave – 9 years;
  • oven (electric) – 13 years;
  • oven (gas) – 15 years;
  • range hood – 14 years;
  • refrigerator – 13 years;
  • washer – 10 years

 So if your appliance is at the beginning of its life cycle, the best decision would be to fix it.

50% Rule

Now you know your malfunctionIng appliance lifespan (look at the table above), so you can apply the 50% rule. In case your device is more than 50% through its life cycle, and if the repairment will cost half or more of the price tag of a new appliance then, obviously, replacement takes over. Call us at (431)33-88-388 and get a free quote to do the math.

Are You Lucky?

Modern home appliances are water-saving and energy-efficient. That can be truly cost effective cutting your bills by hundreds dollars (if you’re lucky). To figure out how lucky you are you should do your own research about the exact model of your broken appliance. Just note that if it pre-date the advent of Energy Star, it is highly likely that it’s draining you.


P. S. If you haven’t solved your dilemma yet just call us at (431)33-88-388 and we’ll find the best solution together. We guarantee the same day appointment, full and fast diagnostic and reliable repair services.