To Rinse or Not to Rinse

The Oldest Dishwasher Myth

This is a huge debate for decades already: to rinse or not to rinse dishes before loading them into a dishwasher. Our appliance repair experts can give you a definite answer – NO! This is one of the oldest dishwashers myths. Probably it dates back to when dishwashers malfunctioned quite often and all kitchen appliances didn’t work very well. At that time rinsing beforehand was the only way to get really clean dishes. Nowadays both detergents and dishwashers can handle any level of dirtiness with ease. But old habits die very hard. Keep reading and we’ll try to convince you to stop wasting your time and water.

Hard-working Detergent

Every modern dishwasher detergent contains special enzymes which are activated only after contacting the remaining food particles. So, placing dirty dishes into your dishwasher helps to unleash your detergent’s full capacity. In other words: the dirtier, the better.

Home appliance repair: a young man loading a dishwasher

Level Up

Don’t worry about dried-on, baked-on or burned-on food. Engineers have already taken the task of pre-rinsing, and they’ve solved it with flying colors. In dishwashers water gets so hot (about 145 degrees Fahrenheit) that it can not only vaporize any leftovers, but also completely sanitize your dishes. Moreover, smart sprayer technology is very common now, so almost in every dishwasher installed special sensors detecting levels of dirt and food on dishes.

Pre-rinsing dishes because of a malfunctioning dishwasher

Stop wasting

In general, you (well, not exactly you – just one person) waste about 6,000 gallons of water on pre-rinsing dishes annually. At least, according to Consumer Reports. And hand washing your dishes has even more alarming figures – 27 gallons of water per cycle. And that’s a lot of water! Whereas today’s ESTAR level dishwashers consume about 4.25 gallons per cycle. That’s a huge difference, isn’t it?

Oh, and using an Energy Star level dishwasher not only saves the environment but money as well. It helps to cut water bills by at least $40 annually.


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